Hello, my name is Brett Walker, I am an artist photographer currently residing in West Marin California, just north of San Francisco. I've been making pictures since I was 16, originally for the school newspaper in high school as well as weekly entertainment magazines in Portland, Oregon where I grew up. My early photography and art related pursuits led me to Seattle where I received a commercial photography degree from the Art Institute of Seattle. During this time I worked for the Benham Photographic Gallery first as a gallery intern and later as a darkroom technician, processing film and making prints for various artists and gallery clients. From there I ended up in Portland, Maine where I received my BFA in photography from the Maine College of Art in 2006. Plowing snow didn't seem like a viable career path at the time, and after a few short years in Maine I ended up back in Seattle. I eventually moved to San Francisco in 2009 where I received an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley in 2012.